New World

As I sit here at the computer uploading new content to my revised website, I can't help but wonder what challenges my Grandfather had bringing in work. He was a carpenter, old-school! I mean, hammers, chisels and hand planes. I remember as a boy marvelling at how strong he was. Even at the age he was on the tail end of his career, he had a grip of steel.

I still use one of his old table saws as a bevelling machine. I use it to ease the edge on cork floor tiles before they get installed. It floors me, (no pun intended) that with all the technology today, a small company like ours has to spend so much time struggling to be seen. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, google and so on! In some ways I envy my Grandfather for the simplicity he enjoyed. But not the lack of indoor plumbing...

A moment of respect to all the old talent that has passed away, no longer able to teach the younger generation their long forgotten tricks.