By Appointment...?

OK, so it's quite fitting in this changing market that my first post be about changing our store hours to appointments only. First I'll give you a little background. Our retail store has been operating for over 5 years now. We've had extremely busy times and incredibly slow times. Lately we've noticed a trend for customers to research us online first, and then come in to the store to browse our products. With the downturn in the economy, the traffic in our shop has been a little sparse lately. We are a small custom shop, servicing mostly referral clients and doing a total of around 30-40 jobs per year. These can range from around a $1,000, 2 day projects all the way up to $50,000, month long jobs. The biggest expense we have right now is the time my wife spends waiting in the store for a potential customer to enter. There can be an entire week go by without anyone walking through the door.

So, My question to anyone reading this. Do you think an appointment only store with an online presence can function in todays flooring market?